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C&C Guest House

                                     C & C RIVER KWAI GUEST HOUSE

We are an eco friendly,family run guesthouse in operation for over ten years,for those wanting to try something totally different,we offerunique floating bamboo bungalow at very economical prices that sit directly in the river.

The ambiance here is peacefull and quiet.The river usually has cooling breezes that are refreshing and revitalize you from the heat of the day.



We offer a varyety of unique tours that are often off the beaten path using special english speaking guides that are knowledgable about local custums,culture and history.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to the enviroment by using several eco-friendly practices.

+ special forest collected leaves in some of our roofing.                                                                   

+ All waste is diverted from the river to septic tanks treated to ensure proper breakdown.               

+ We re-cycle all natural materials into compost and burn nothing on the proprety.                         

+ We grow and use organic vegetables whenever possible.                                                              

in our restaurant we have an extensive menu for all tastes.

Please contact us at:

TEL: 034 62 4547                                                                                                                            FAX: 034 62 4548                                                                                                                            Mobile phone: 086 3222 626;Mr Somyot Manager


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